So I Married a Groomzilla

“We’re getting married!” my fiancé Vinnie squealed, much like you’d expect from a sorority girl. After four years, I knew what I was getting into. This is the guy who plans to arrive in a Cinderella carriage on his ‘big day’. The guy who (and I’ll deny it if you repeat it) has a binder of wedding inspiration he’s ripped out of magazines. He won’t let me see the binder, but I suspect he’s glued his face onto the grooms’ heads. I just hope that’s the creepiest thing in there and go on with my life, pretending it doesn’t exist.

To be clear, we are a heterosexual couple. Even clearer, I’m the girl, he’s the boy. But things are a bit different in our house. After work, I binge watch Netflix (with snacks, of course) while he chatters on about linens and tablescapes, not so silently judging my wedding diet. I’m not really paying attention because I’m picturing Vinnie in a tutu, Vinnie trying on a glass slipper, basically Vinnie on the happiest day of a girl’s life. It makes me laugh, but that soon turns to tears. My dream wedding would be eloping to a log cabin in the woods, officiated by a guy with three elbows or maybe a stutter. I’ve had a steady outbreak of hives the size of my engagement ring since he proposed.

Oh, I haven’t told you about this sparkler. Here I am walking around New York City, blinded by the glare emanating from my ring finger, left hand dragging behind me from the weight of this giant diamond. I have a nagging hand cramp and a very real fear of carpal tunnel. When riding the subway late at night, I turn the diamond toward the inside of my palm, tuck my hand into my armpit and make it very clear that I am on high alert. The other passengers slowly move away, because they think I’m insane. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful! But I worry that the Kardashian diamond will only accentuate my disheveled personal style.

By now I expect you are feeling confident that I’m Vinnie’s beard. The thought has crossed my mind.  But eh oh, oh eh, what can I say? The guy just really loves weddings! He loves going to weddings, he loves dancing at weddings and he will bite, cheat and steal his way to catch that garter, followed by a performance to rival Magic Mike. They should hire this guy out for weddings, he’s that good of a time and by the amount of wedding invites he gets, people know it.  I guess with three sisters and a bridal gown seamstress mother, weddings are just his thing.

I thought I could change him. He won’t want a black tie affair. Certainly not the glass elevator that rises up from the dancefloor for our big entrance. We aren’t fancy people! Both our extended families are larger than most small American towns, plus he’d just blown all his money on that rock! No, all that talk was just for laughs. He doesn’t really have thirty seven groomsmen. But I learned you can’t take the princess out of a beefy Italian man. I made a last effort (I begged) for a smaller, intimate party and when I’d pled my case he replied, “You’re not taking this away from me, Kat.” I bowed my head in defeat and accepted my fate. I had fallen in love with Groomzilla.

Bringing Up Bugsy

bug-cuteHello! Bugsy has yet to make an appearance here, but he’s a huge inspiration and well, the apple of my eye! He’s working on his first post but in the meantime, we need your help! We have the opportunity to create Bugsy Trading Cards (whhhaaaaat!!!!!) and have until the end of the week to submit his bio. There’s so many things I want to say about this little bugger, and need help cutting it down to just 75 words! Read below and let me know- what’s your favorite part? What can I lose? Just want to paint the picture of just how lovable and fun my little Bugsy is! Thanks so much, any advice is appreciated!


Small, dark and handsome, Bugsy’s boyish charm, rugged good looks and winning personality captures the heart of creatures big & small and earned him the nickname ‘Mayor’ at his local dog run.

With lustrous locks of dark fur highlighted with auburn and big, puppy dog eyes, Bugsy is adventurous, loves to travel and enjoys life & the great outdoors. In the words of one of his heros, Matt McConnoughy, ‘I’m just livin’, L-I-V-I-N.”  He is a natural slapstick comedian, often found wrestling, playing tug of war and engaging humans, dogs and squirrels in animated games of chase.

Bugsy embraces his sensitive side while volunteering as a therapy dog at a local hospital, but he’s also got a great sense of humor, winning funniest costume at the 2013 Woofside Halloween Parade for his interpretation of a male stripper.  A connoisseur of deli meats and avid stick eater, he’s got a treat tooth and will proudly display his impressive collection of tricks with the promise of a cookie. He enjoys long walks, the feel of fresh grass beneath his paws and is happiest when the whole family is together.  A schnoodle with a heart of gold.


Getting Hot & Toddy


Fall is in the air and I’m loving the crisp NYC weather. But I have a cold. And it’s the weekend. And I don’t care if it’s not noon yet. I’m making the best cold remedy elixir I know: The Hot Toddy

Whether you’re from Ireland, Scotland, Wisconsin or Toronto, it’s likely you have your own recipe.

I stay true to the way my dear friend Mary Mac taught me. That is tea, lemon, cloves and healthy shot of Jameson’s.

Read on for the full recipe.


Tea Bags

Bottle of Jameson’s or other whisky, bourbon or brandy



Add Cinnamon or honey to get fancy

How To:

1. Pour whisky in a mug. (How much depends on how much fun you want to have)


2. Add tea bag & boiling water.

Pour Water

3. Stick cloves in a lemon wedge and add to your drink.

clove stuffed lemon

4. Enjoy your cocktail! (er, cold remedy)

Optional: Add cinnamon, honey or sugar to taste.

cinnamon sticks

Save a Gato

colonial cat in san juan

Among the colonial buildings and cobblestone streets is a community of cats that call Old San Juan home. Feral cats seem to have homes in most cities around the world, but what stood out to me were a particular group along the Paseo del Morro Recreation Trail. There they were sunbathing along the rocks and catching some shade under the trees.


I loved sharing my walk with them and Bugsy had a million questions while looking at pictures from my trip. So I did some research (ok, I googled) and found these cats were more famous than I even realized. They’re regularly mentioned on Puerto Rico destination sites and they even have their own facebook page. Some are said to be descendants of the original cats who arrived on Columbus’s ships. They’re colonial cats!

I assumed the bowls of food and water were left by local animal lovers but a volunteer organization is looking out for them called Save a Gato . They provide food, water and medical assistance through an agreement with the National Park Service. And while they do attempt to spay & neuter, some frisky cats manage to make babies meaning you can actually adopt a colonial kitten! Click here for more information on Save a Gato’s efforts, volunteer opportunities, donations and adoptions.

10 Reasons Why Jax Teller is the Perfect Man

Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy premiered and Jax is a hollow version of the man he once was. Let’s take a moment remember why Jax Teller is the perfect man.

1. Because this is him without his shirt on.


2. He feels… deeply. A biker that journals? Swoon.

he feels

3. He’ll do anything for you.

do anything

4. He loves his mom


5. He’s got stank face down.


6. He’s a Renaissance Man. A philosopher, poet, thinker, dreamer, political figure (Club Pres) and murderer. And this is how he walks through a hospital.


7. I’d commit a crime if it meant sharing a prison cell with him.


8. You love his friends. After a deep breath of relief that Jax was safe, you know you ached right along with him when Opie died.


9. This is Jax holding a baby.


10. He’s got great taste in jewelry.


Your welcome!


Just one more!

11. oh yeah…